Hey! My name is Elise, and I'm a Freelance Designer currently based in Los Angeles.

Hello! My name is Elise Xu, and I'm a Lead Graphic Designer currently based in Los Angeles.

I've worked in many different environments and industries since graduating from USC in 2018. I enjoy both the hustle and closeness of startups, as well as the stability and upward mobility in larger companies. Regardless of where I end up, my favorite part of work will always be the colleagues I get to collaborate with.

I'm currently working as a freelance designer after leaving my position as the Lead Designer on the marketing team at Tencent Cloud. Prior to that, I worked at STEEZY as a marketing designer for two years, before switching over to the product team as their sole product designer.

When I'm not working, you can find me trying to keep my houseplants alive, DIYing things I'm not supposed to, and practicing Tetris in hopes of one day perfecting the back-to-back T-spin triple.

I'm still working on consolidating all of my work into this portfolio, but you can reach out to me over Linkedin if there's anything specific you'd like to see.

Don't be shy — I'm friendly, I promise!