I've always had an interest in product design, so when the product designers needed help with feedback and finalizing their designs, I stepped in to help out. Below you'll find the before and after comparisons of when the files were handed off to me.

We had a surprise reorg within the company in July of 2021, where I was moved onto the product team so I could explore the new medium. When I moved to a different company, I ended up contracting with STEEZY as a product designer so that I could keep expanding on my product design repertoire.

Due to the sporadic nature of contract jobs and the limited time I spent as a full-time product designer, I unfortunately haven't had the chance to create a complete case study.















Dance Programs V2

With the unveiling of our new Ballet, Contemporary, and Jazz programs, we needed to revamp our original programs page. The product team worked together to create a new wireframe and look for the page, and then reviewed it with me before it was shipped off.

I thought the page as it was felt too plain, and filled with too much content all at once. I tried not to play with the IA too much, but I gave it a UI facelift, as well as made the content collapsible so that the page could look more organized.

We (the Creative Team) also branded each of our dance styles, so I brought that into the program page as well.

Product-Portfolio_Programs – Mobile
Product-Portfolio_Programs – Desktop


Premium Tab

A free STEEZY experience was highly requested by our users, so we created a dedicated STEEZY Premium tab on the free version of the app to educate new users on the benefits of all STEEZY has to offer.

The original design was the winner amongst several other designs when user tested. However, once it was presented to me for a final look, I felt that the interface was confusing to navigate and understand at a glance. It also highlighted the free version too prominently when the purpose was to convert users to our paid subscription.

For my design, I only featured the most notable benefits of STEEZY Premium, and organized the content and design to be a little more digestible.

Product-Portfolio _Premium


In order to drive more subscriptions, we rolled out a referral system for our users.

I found the original design confusing and counterintuitive, so I managed to consolidate some of the pages together so all of the most relevant information could all live on one page. Afterwards, I tightened up the design across the app as it pertained to referrals, and also created a browser landing page for people who were referred to easily see what STEEZY is all about.



In order to drive retention and a stronger sense of community, we started working on a feature that would allow our users to enter challenges and engage with one another. 

There were quite a few limitations we had to work with due to limited developer availability, so I mostly just gave the existing design a few visual tweaks for legibility. I also added an extra button on the submitted video pages that would drive more traffic towards the challenge page to further encourage participation. 

Videos that aren't tied to a challenge also needed to be directed back to the class page for users to hop right in to learn the piece they just saw, so I added a state for that as well.



When users clicked on premium content while browsing Freemium, they would be directed to this paywall that lists out all the benefits of signing up for Premium.

We preferred yearly plan Premium members over monthly members since their LTV was a lot higher, so we wanted the page to push for that option over the monthly option.

User testing data also showed that new users really resonated with spliced videos of our tutorials next to real users copying the exact moves, so I incorporated that feedback into the header.

Product-Portfolio – Paywall

Challenge Submissions

With challenges came the question of how users would ultimately submit their videos. I created 2 different submission flows, and then prototyped them which you'll see here.

We made a few more tweaks to the prototype afterwards mostly just to account for error states and extra instructional text.


Sign Up Page

After a user takes our quiz on what level and style of dance they should be taking, they're directed to a sign up page to view their results and drive them to either start their Freemium plan, or start their free 7-day trial of Premium.

My goal for this was to make the Premium option look more engaging and visible by always keeping it on the page, and to also make the process of starting their Freemium account more intuitive. The initial design had the user immediately being hit with a paywall that would have to be X'd out before they could continue to see their results and start using STEEZY Freemium.


Community Rules

We have a community page where our users are encouraged to post videos of themselves dancing and participate in challenges with each other. Since UGC is unpredictable, we needed to lay down some ground rules first.

The original pop up wasn't very visually engaging, and we found that users weren't actually reading it before selecting "I agree", so I aimed to spice it up a bit more by adding a photo and adjusting the IA.